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Protection Crystal Wisdom Kit

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Protection Crystal Wisdom Kits provide the best stones to make you feel safe, supported and alleviate fear. The stones come in a beautiful cotton canvas drawstring pouch to keep your crystals safe all in one place. Each time you need a bit of inspiration or assistance, your Wisdom Kit is the perfect addition to get you through the day. Wisdom Kits are also great to give someone who is going through a hard time or when you just don't know what to say. They have been selected for their qualities focused on protection.

Kiwi Jasper is an uplifting stone that provides protection while drawing out negative energies.

Red Jasper calms emotions, builds strength and helps to balance aggressive energy while being a great protective stone.

Pyrite is a stone of luck attracting wealth and abundance along with the courage to follow your dreams. It protects against negativity.

Selenite has strong protection qualities while assisting to clear negative energy from people and spaces. It brings peace and light whilst making you feel safe.

Fluorite is a protective stone that draws out negativity, eases stresses and helps bring structure and focus without putting all your attention on the small stuff.

Amazonite is great in assisting to solve problems through rational thinking and intuition while bringing a calming effect, alleviating fear and balancing moods.


Kit Includes:

Kiwi Jasper 20mm Sphere

Fluorite Raw Rough Chunk

Red Jasper Tumbled Stone

Pyrite Tumbled Stone

Selenite Tumbled Stone

Amazonite Tumbled Stone

Bag Dimension:

11cm wide x 13cm high

Note: Price is per kit. Crystals are naturally unique so vary in colour and texture from the image shown. Measurements are approximate and may vary in size. As your Crystals have travelled a long way, we have already cleansed these in the moonlight before being chosen for you. We suggest that you perform your own cleansing ritual to introduce your own energy. See our Cleansing your Crystals page.

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