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Cleansing Your Crystals

Your Crystals have come a long way to get to you and to experience all the benefits of your crystals, it is important to clear and cleanse your crystals. Doing this intuitively on a regular basis clears any unwanted positive or negative energy that may be within a crystal from your previous use.

Clearing crystals maintains the healing qualities and allows the crystals to return to their natural state so that they continue to work for your desired purpose.

How to Cleanse your Crystals

There are many different methods to clear and cleanse your crystals and you need to choose the best method that works for you.

Full Moon: We find that cleansing your crystals is best in the full moon. Every full moon our mum would take all the crystals outside onto the balcony so they could be cleared and re-energised. Even if you don’t have a backyard or balcony just place your crystals on the windowsill overnight to allow them to absorb all the natural energies. Be sure to bring your crystals inside in the morning as long periods of sunlight can fade your crystals (especially amethyst).

Smudging: Smudge sticks such as white sage or lavender as well as incense are a great way to cleanse your Crystals. Hold your Crystals over the burning smudge stick and let the smoke run over them for a short period of time. Be careful of the hot embers and make sure you extinguish your smudge stick completely. Keep the window open to let the energy drift out of your home.

Other Crystals: Crystal Clusters work great for cleansing other crystals by placing the stones on top of them for a few days to clear any negative energies. Clear Quartz clusters or Amethyst Geodes work well for this, or even better put your crystals on a Crystal Cluster in the moonlight!

The Earth: Burying your Crystals in the earth or a plant cleanses and clears their energy through earth vibrations. Leave the crystals buried in the earth for a day or two to clear any negative energies and re-energise them. Crystals love returning home to the earth.

Visualisation: If you are not at home or unable to use your usual cleansing method, visualisation is a great cleansing technique. Hold the Crystal in your hand and visualise white light washing over the stone and imagine all the negativity being washed away.

Water: Make sure the water is flowing when using this method. Visualise the crystal letting go of the previous energy and it being washed away. Stagnant water will keep the energy there, flowing washes the energy away. If you are close to the ocean or a stream allow the water to move over your crystals, otherwise under the tap could always be used, so long as your crystals are not kept in a bucket or bowl.