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Just a bit about us!

Hi, We are a family run business lead by sisters Angela and Belinda located in Sydney, Australia.

Crystals have been apart of our whole life through our mother Barbie. She has always used natural remedies and had a strong interest in Astrology, Reiki, Tarot, Numerology and Crystals. When we had a sore knee we had clear quartz strapped to our leg or had a sore throat she would source nasturtium leaves from a neighbouring property for us to eat.
Once we had grown up and were more independent, our mum bought a self help book shop called ‘Words of Wisdom’ located in Mona Vale on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Through her love of crystals, she then expanded into a wide range of healing Crystals with our dad by her side helping to source this beautiful range. Crystals were hand picked and cleansed by the full moon before going for sale.
She had the shop for a number of years with all of us getting involved at some point including working on weekends and after school. Our mother would spend hours and hours talking to her customers. In some cases people would come in for a chat to brighten up their day. Barbie always knew the right thing to say, and truly embraced ‘words of wisdom’.
Once we started to build our families, our mother decided to close the shop and retire so she could travel and help us with our children.
When our mum passed, her funeral was packed with people having to stand outside to pay respects to the lady who gave so much. Her eulogy was filled with her sayings that were common sense and inspired so many people for so many years. People we had never met before told us stories of how Barbie’s Words of Wisdom changed their life.
A couple of years later we were at our dad's house when the mail arrived. It was the renewal for our mum's business name. We couldn’t let the name go and didn’t want to let her legacy die.
After both sisters taking paths in the corporate world we have found the desire to return to our roots. Having children with challenges has meant we return to the saying and practises that helped us through the challenges in our life. We wanted to continue with her passion of love, light and care for others so this is where we are now!
This means that Words of Wisdom has been operating in the family for over 25 years.
We want to bring you a range of unique inspirational gifts for yourself or your loved ones to bring light and happiness.
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