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Aventurine is available in a range of different colours with the main one being Green Aventurine. Known as a stone for abundance, success and good luck, Aventurine is great for leadership, encourages perseverance and motivation and is perfect to assess your career and overcome any challenges.

Green Aventurine helps with fear and anxiety as it is a calming stone that helps you with problems getting to sleep and making your dreams become a reality. A good stone to have with you through emotional turmoil and stress leaving you with a positive attitude towards life.

Blue Aventurine helps to solve problems and how to see the way forward more clearly without limitations. This stone instills self belief to make the best decision, It can be a very good stone to have with you in difficult times.

Peach Aventurine is a good stone to use following birth to strengthen the muscles. It helps you follow your gut feelings and make calm decisions.

Orange Aventurine inspires creativity and imagination allowing the energies to flow. It removes negativity and makes you much calmer.

Red Aventurine is a stone that creates confidence and promotes a can do attitude. It is a protective stone and great for travel to make sure you arrive safe and sound.

Yellow Aventurine helps with people who are over sensitive or indecisive. It eases anxiety and helps with the flow of creativity.

Pink Aventurine is great stone for happiness, prosperity, compassion and love. It helps with those with issues sleeping.

Chakra: Heart (Green), Third Eye (Blue) Solar Plexus (Peach, Yellow), Navel (Orange), Base (Red, Pink)

Best For: Abundance, Calming, Leadership, Motivation