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Available in a wide range of colours, Calcite calms the mind and alleviates stress and increases motivation allowing you to be more energetic. It is a stabilising stone that enhances trust, boosts memory and helps to retain information.

Blue Calcite assists with communication and has a relaxing and soothing affect that simulates creativity.

Orange Calcite enhances creativity and helps to stabilise emotions. It assists in alleviating depression and promotes joy and happiness.

Green Calcite clears the mind and helps to let love in while providing a sense of purpose and encouragement to aim high.

Honey Calcite give you strength and personal power that allows you to take on anything. It eases our worries during difficult times.

Caribbean Calcite assists with relaxation and through its gentle energy, brings serenity tp ease tension and anxiety. It is a great stone for sleep and enhancing dreams.

Strawberry Calcite is a stone of warmth, happiness and joy. It assists with matters of the heart and makes you more appreciative and encourages generosity. 

Chakra: Throat (Blue), Solar Plexus (Orange, Honey), Heart (Green, Strawberry), Navel (Honey) Third Eye, Crown (Caribbean)

Best For: Trust, Motivation, Energy, Stress