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Fluorite is a protective stone and draws out negativity, eases stresses and helps bring structure and focus without putting all your attention on the small stuff. Fluorite is an emotional balancer and has a stabilising effect. It is great for concentration and organisation which makes it perfect for those studying where large amounts of information needs to be retained.

Green Fluorite helps to ground excess energy and helps at a time of emotional trauma. It encourages a love of nature and brings clarity on matters regarding relationships.

Yellow Fluorite enhances creativity and helps in times of conflict. It is a great stone for the workplace especially in meetings where a calming energy is needed.

Blue Fluorite encourages clear communication. It increases healing abilities by allowing you to focus all your energy in the one place.  It also has the ability to either calm or revitalise energy depending on what is required.

Chakra: Third Eye (Rainbow, Green), Heart (Green), Throat (Blue), Solar Plexus (Yellow)

Best For: Concentration, Protection, Stress, Stability