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Jet Stone Heart

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Create positive and loving energy with our beautiful Jet Stone Hearts. Our carved hearts symbolise love and come in a vast range of sizes. Put your Heart in your pocket and feel it whenever you need to be reminded that you are loved. These Hearts will bring you lots of happiness.

Jet Lignite is a really good stone for headaches and helps to ground and provide protection for you through stress and anxiety. It is a perfect stone if you need a good sleep after some restless nights with bad dreams. Jet draws out negative energies and helps you aspire to your career goals allowing you to know what you want to achieve.

Chakra: Base

Best For: Stress, Negativity, Aspiration, Grounding



Width: 20mm

Note: Price is per piece. Crystals are naturally unique so vary in colour and texture from the image shown. Measurements are approximate and may vary in size. As your Crystals have travelled a long way, we have already cleansed these in the moonlight before being chosen for you. We suggest that you perform your own cleansing ritual to introduce your own energy. See our Cleansing your Crystals page.

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