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Signifying wisdom, Jade is available in many colours and helps to release negative thoughts and encourages you to be who you are and not be over sensitive. It is a great stone for dreams and is believed to bring good luck, happiness and loyal friendships.

White Jade assists with motivation to reach your goals whilst helpful when you feel you are losing your confidence. It can bring richness, prosperity and abundance.

Peace Jade is a powerful stone that brings tranquility, protection, peace and serenity.

Olive Jade calms emotional stress, balances moods and brings peace. It assists in dispelling fear and encourages confidence.

Yellow Jade brings optimism, enthusiasm and Wisdom. It dispels negativity and encourages self confidence, courage and abundance. 

Red Jade dispels fears and worries whilst giving you the confidence to take on anything. It is a great stone to overcome difficulties or addictions.

Xiuyan Jade is a great stone for meditation and helps you find peace. It enhances your communication and helps to clear blocked energy.

Chakra: Heart

Best For: Wisdom, Negativity, Dreams, Luck