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Moonstone is great for emotional release providing balance and wellness. It has a calming and peaceful effect and assists with being sensitive to others. It is excellent for understanding dreams.

Blue & Grey Moonstone helps to relieve anxiety and stress while enhancing a flexible attitude.

Peach Moonstone softens the ego and allows you to improve self confidence, warmth and be more vulnerable whilst relieving stress.

Cream Moonstone is great for fertility and anything related to childbirth. It helps to calm overreactions and erratic behaviour.

Rainbow Moonstone enhances creativity, confidence and strength while bringing harmony and hope.

Black Moonstone is a grounding stone, providing protection and removing negativity. It is perfect to have with you when you are at the beginning of something, whether that be a journey, relationship, pregnancy or job. 

Chakra: Heart (Blue/Grey), Navel or Solar Plexus (Peach, Cream), Third Eye (Cream, Rainbow), Crown (Black)

Best For: Emotions, Calming, Dreams, Stress