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Pink Halite Cluster

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This unique Pink Halite Cluster has a group of crystals connected together to form the one beautiful piece. Clusters have great healing and cleansing qualities to clear and regenerate energies. Use Clusters to lift the positive energy within your home or office.

Pink Halite is a great healer promoting self love and helps to improve self esteem. It assist those who experience anxiety and provides clarity and clears the mind. Pink Halite encourages you to open your heart, accept love and be able to move forward.

Chakra: Heart

Best For: Self Esteem, Anxiety, Love, Clarity


Length: 110mm

Width: 60mm

Height: 45mm

Note: Price is per piece. Crystal is exact as image shown. Measurements are approximate and may vary in size. As your Crystals have travelled a long way, we have already cleansed these in the moonlight before being chosen for you. We suggest that you perform your own cleansing ritual to introduce your own energy. See our Cleansing your Crystals page.

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