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Starter Crystal Wisdom Collection

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Starter Crystal Wisdom Collections are hand picked for those who are starting out and want some of the most well known crystals. These Wisdom Collections are great for older children who need some guidance or inspiration or even as gift for someone in need. The collection includes an assortment of selected crystals, Worry Dolls and Blank Wisdom Pills. Each Wisdom collection is packaged in a cotton canvas zipper pouch specifically designed to keep all the treasures in one place. This is a little bag of happiness!

Guatemalan Worry Dolls are handmade dolls originating from Central America and come from the local legend of a Mayan princess who received a worry doll from the sun god to solve any problem. Worry dolls can be used to wish away your concerns. This pack contains 6 worry dolls and instructions of how you tell your dolls your worries before going to bed, then placing them under your pillow and all your worries will be gone by the morning. They are great for children who wants someone to talk to and put their mind at ease.

Wisdom Pills are a jar of pills that have coloured blank paper where you can write your own quotes to give you a little inspiration each day. Plus they are a little bit of fun! Each Wisdom Pills come in a glass jar with a bamboo screw lid and include 20 pills that are blank on coloured paper held together with a metal ring. 

Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love. It brings joy, reduces stress and helps to promote self confidence.

Amethyst has strong protection qualities and brings calmness to an overwhelmed and stressed mental state. It assists in times of change, bringing inner peace.

Clear Quartz is a powerful stone that reflects pure white light bringing healing qualities to the body, heart and mind.

Angelite helps to protect you from any troubles that lie ahead, assisting you to feel safe and secure allowing you to have a restful sleep.

Citrine enhances creativity, attracts abundance, prosperity and success. When you have too many things on, it can assist with mental clarity in communication and problem solving.

Fluorite is a protective stone that draws out negativity, eases stresses and helps bring structure and focus without putting all your attention on the small stuff.


Collection Includes:

20 Wisdom Pills in a glass Jar with a bamboo screw top lid

Guatemalan Worry Dolls

Rose Quartz Merkaba Star

Amethyst Mini Tower

Clear Quartz Mini Cluster

Angelite Tumbled Stone

Green Fluorite Tumbled Stone

Citrine Tumbled Stone

Bag Dimension:

19cm wide x 8cm high x 4cm wide

Note: Price is per kit. Crystals are naturally unique so vary in colour and texture from the image shown. Measurements are approximate and may vary in size. As your Crystals have travelled a long way, we have already cleansed these in the moonlight before being chosen for you. We suggest that you perform your own cleansing ritual to introduce your own energy. See our Cleansing your Crystals page. Wisdom Pills are not suitable for younger children as there are small parts that could be a chocking hazard.

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