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Trolleite Tower

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Trolleite Crystal Towers also known as obelisks or generators are a standing crystal that draws and directs all the energy to a point. Towers can be used to flow energy within the body or used as part of your crystal grid. They can also be great centre piece on display within your home or office.

Trolleite encourages you to take a chance, be motivated and not hold back on achieving what you desire. It is a great stone for communication and balances your energy. Trolleite helps to improve your sleep by bringing a calming and loving energy that relieves stress, anxiety and tension.

Chakra: Crown, Third Eye, Throat

Best For: Sleep, Communication, Motivation, Stress


Height: 45-55mm

Note: Price is per piece. Crystals are naturally unique so vary in colour and texture from the image shown. Measurements are approximate and may vary in size. As your Crystals have travelled a long way, we have already cleansed these in the moonlight before being chosen for you. We suggest that you perform your own cleansing ritual to introduce your own energy. See our Cleansing your Crystals page.

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